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Clothes Pallets

Clothes Pallets

Clothing pallets for sale

Clothing pallets for sale, We specialize in wholesaling Clothing Liquidation Pallets (Truckloads) sourced from U.S. department stores, featuring apparel for men, women, and children. At our Miami, Florida liquidation warehouse, we meticulously sort the inventory to ensure our customers receive a premium mix of high-quality clothing, setting us apart from other liquidators.

Clothing pallets for sale

We aim to do business 100 times with a single customer rather than having 100 customers do business with us just once.


Shop our high-value clothing mixed pallets for your business.

Bulk Men Clothing liquidation pallets

Men Clothing Pallets

Kids Clothing Pallets liquidation apllets

Kids Clothing Liquidation

pallets of clothes for sale

Bathing Suits Liquidation mixd pallets bulk

Swimwear Pallets

Pallets full with clothing for Plus Size Women

Plus Size Clothing Liquidations

Jean Liquidation pallets mix

Denim Pallets

Winter Accessories Mix liquidation pallet

Fall-Winter Accessories

Fall winter clothing pallets

Fall-Winter Clothing in Bulk Pallets

Light Jackets mix pallet

Light Jackets Liquidation

Heavy Jackets & Coats Closeouts

Name Brand Liquidation pallets
Pallets of clothes for sale.

Our product range includes a variety of goods that satisfy American quality criteria in terms of kinds, trends, patterns, styles, colors, sizes, and brands.

Purchase a large quantity of overstock clothes for liquidation purposes.

With the help of our Overstock Clothes Liquidation Pallets, get incredible discounts! We price these clothing goods in quantity to sell, offering you significant savings on a wide range of sizes, styles, and brands. Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to fill your inventory with reasonably priced, top-notch goods. Ask Now

Truckloads of Mixed and Assorted Apparel

You can find more large quantities and exceptional prices at than at any other clothing liquidator available. With us, you always get greater savings when you purchase a large quantity of goods.

Every day, truckloads of brand-new clothing arrive at our warehouse, and the inventory keeps expanding as a result of liquidation sales of clothing from leading American retailers, manufacturers, and brands. Clothing pallets for sale

Procure truckloads and pallets of liquidated products and overstock items from major US retailers.

Clifonia, Florida’s Best Wholesale Clothes Liquidator.

Find out why we are the go-to supplier for millions of companies throughout the globe for all of their clothing requirements. We are the most reputable liquidation company in the entire clothing liquidation pallet and truckload market. We specialize in helping businesses thrive in their own particular secondary marketplace by breaking down containers of department store apparel and sorting it using a special formula.

FAQ for Customers

Clothes Liquidation Pallets: What Are They?

In general, it refers to the practice of raising money for a business by selling its inventory of clothing by the pallet in truckloads, sometimes at a steep discount.
Big Department Stores sell to liquidators, like Orotex Liquidation by Bulk Truckload Quantities during Contractual Agreements, their out-of-season, excess (overstock), and shelf-pull fashion products in boxes on pallets. These businesses pay a small portion of retail value for surplus inventory, which they subsequently resell to discount retailers or new clients, often at a price that is higher than what they originally paid but still below retail value.

What Sort of Clothes Are These Pallets Holding?

All of the clothing offered in the United States may be found at the Mayor’s Department Store.

Mostly Mixed Women’s Clothing

Women’s apparel comes in a variety of blended palettes that include formal and dress attire as well as other pallet categories.

Plus-Size Apparel

These color palettes include dressy gowns, jeans, athletics, casual clothes, and many more items.

Mix of Bulk Swimwear Pallets

These various swimsuit color palettes have a broad range of designs and hues suitable for all members of the family, including men, women, and children. This item lot is sourced mostly from department stores in the United States. Sometimes these are deals on name brands that we get straight from the supplier.


We provide a wide variety of undergarments for men, women, and kids, in addition to stockings, socks, briefs, and other accessories.

Clothes for Men

The following categories are represented in the men’s mixed clothing pallets:

Spring/Summer Clothing

Visit us now to see what categories we have in stock for spring-summer apparel, including t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, and shorts.

Autumn-Winter Outfits

Among the items in this category are cardigans, fleece jackets, long coats, sweaters, jackets, and jeans.


Briefs, boxers, booty shorts, and pants are among the carefully blended underwear pallets that we provide to maximize your savings.

Have the pallets for clothing liquidation materialized?

The retailer or vendor from whom we purchased the goods has the final say. When we purchase this product from department stores, it is often the case that there is no manifest or that one exists. In the case of the apparel liquidation pallet lots without a manifest, we classify and combine the lots according to gender and season instead of manifesting them. However, we frequently buy manifested lots and sell them in their current state.

Do you choose only certain things?

We don’t engage in any kind of cherry-picking since we don’t have any retail locations where we sell the goods, unlike other liquidation warehouses that do. Our mixed apparel liquidation pallets and truckloads should be tastefully arranged with name brands, styles, and colors so that our clients may increase sales while making a return on their investment.

How are the apparel truckloads obtained?

There are many methods for obtaining apparel, such as the following:

Overstock or surplus

Stores have to clear out their old inventory to create space for new merchandise. Customers can purchase these off-the-rack garments at a discounted price. Being brand new and never used, these clothes are in excellent condition.

Not in season.

The first alternative is the “outlet,” which may be found in both physical and online private sales businesses, although sometimes they wind up in stores in Latin America or Africa.

At the conclusion of each season, almost all large retail chains have agreements in place with liquidation businesses to wholesale their excess inventory.

Client Refunds

These are clothes that buyers have previously returned for a variety of reasons. The retailer sells these clothes because they don’t require exchange or warehouse space. Returns from customers are often reusable; however, it’s conceivable that they have a little stain or other abnormality.

What size does a clothing pallet mean?

Using a 40x40x48 Gaylord Box Pallet, the physical dimensions of our typical clothing pallets are 40 inches wide, 40 inches long and 48 inches high. This size indicates the actual physical dimensions of the pallet. However, the amount that can fit on the pallet varies depending on factors such as the type of garments, their folding technique, and the packing method.

What’s the number of items of clothing in a pallet?

A typical 40x40x48 Gaylord Box Pallet can hold around 1500 pieces of children’s clothes, 1500 pieces of women’s clothing, and 1000 pieces of men’s apparel for spring and summer. But since they are usually heavier in the autumn and winter, their numbers might drop. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these numbers are estimates and that real amounts may differ significantly depending on the particulars of the products and the packaging techniques used. It is usually better to get in touch immediately with comprehensive information about a particular cargo in order to get the most accurate quotes.

How Many Clothing Pallets Can Fit in a Truckload?

The dimensions of the shipping container or vehicle primarily determine the number of pallets that can fit in a truckload. Thanks to our double-stacking technique, we can usually fit up to 40 pallets of clothing inside a conventional 40-foot container. This decreases to around 20 double-stacked pallets if we use a smaller 20-foot container. Please keep in mind that these are just approximate figures, and the real amount may differ depending on the container’s characteristics and the packing methods used.


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